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I like being alone.

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Thank you for visiting. I like being alone. Here I'm drawing picture, composing music, and writing program. Main job has no relation at all. Because company is so busy and it takes four hours to go and back, so little time is left. Additionally my salary is very low, but I have no material desires, so my hope is to FIRE as a minimalist someday.

By the way, in Jan of 2022, I've considered by whom opensource software is written.

It takes a lot of time to write program, it is hard by sunday programmer, it is realistic by a minimalist who had FIREed. Because now I have a lot of program that need to support 64bit, unicode, high DPI, bug fix, add functions, so it is too late to wate an old age retirement. Considering this, it make matters a bit better that I have no material desires.

Link -> openmidiproject : An annex of this site. Free and opensource MIDI sequencer / editor software "Sekaiju" and so on is distributed.

Link -> SAL : An annex of this site. Sekaiju's external extension program "SAL (Sekaiju Application Language)" is distributed.

Link -> A phantom thief Espresso: Writing nice fantasy-RPG taste's original manga.

Link -> YazawaMadoka Personal Page : Mainly making MIDI data and music. Also introduces Sekaiju.

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