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SAL (Sekaiju Application Language)

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You can try SAL for 30days for free. If you want to use SAL 31days or later, please buy authorization code and input it when executing SAL. You can buy Authorization code via Paypal at ¥500JPY (about $4.50USD or €3.68EUR at 2018/01). Since SAL has trial term of 30days, Once you get authorization code, refund can't be accepted. Once you get authorization code, you can use all version of SAL1.XX, Please see also SAL's lisence in the top page.

Please note that the authorization code can't necessarily be always purchased. This is just an INDIVIDUAL HOME MAIL ORDER. If the author is very very busy at company, or the author falls sick because of Japanese overwork, this individual home mail order will be temporarily stopped.

The step of buying authorization code.

1. First, download SAL, and try very carefully. When executing SAL, your 8 digit's userID will be shown.

2. At the following form, please input your 8 digit's user ID, and click "Buy Now" Button. And then you'll go paypal's login and payment page. Please input user ID very carefully not to make a mistake. Also, reply e-mail address becomes paypal's e-mail address, so if you want to reply the other e-mail address, please send e-mail to author.

8digit's user ID

3. If author confirm paying, I will send e-mail with 8 digit's authorization code about 1 ~ 7 days later.

Please note:

1. UserID and inputted authorization code is saved in the windows registory. Please be careful not to destroy registory. Please note that one authorization code is required in each windows's each windows user. If you reinstall windows, please don't forget to memo SAL01 folder's value. If you forget to memo registory and reinstall windows, please send e-mail to author. If I can confirm you've paid, I'll redistoribute authorization code.

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