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SAL (Sekaiju Application Language)

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There are no dll file in the zip file.

Please set to show all extension's file in your explorer's setup. By windows default setup, dll file is set to not to be shown.

Does SAL works without network ?

Yes. Only when downloading SAL and buying authorization code, network is required.

Is SAL same as CAL (Cakewalk Application Language) ?

No. The two are diffrent thing. Though a part of function name and variable name is same as CAL's one, for users doesn't need to learn new function name or variable name, but SAL can't use CAL's specific feature. Instead, SAL can edit all kind of event's all value.

I updated Windows, and then SAL doesn't work.

Microsoft often update windows, and everytime cause program error, especially Audio, MIDI, CD, and DVD. So this will be very typical story. If your SAL get wrong work by Windows update, and you want to use SAL, please cancel window update by hand (but no warranty to get better). And If you write a report to me, I'm going to make suitable version, but if it is very big task, I can't release new version, sorry.

If Japanese document is diffrent from English one, which documentation has a priority ?

Japanese document. English version may be wrong translation and has no efficient.

Authorization code

Can I buy authorization code via bank transfer?

No. But in Japan only, bank transfer will be supported if I would have a time.

Is the authorization code valid eternity ?

As long as your windows works normally and Sekaiju works normally, it is valid eternity. If you reinstall windows or your registory is broken, it will be invalid. In this case, please send me e-mail, if I can confirm you paid, I'll reissue. Also, even if you delete or update Sekaiju, the authorization code will be still valid.

Is the authorization code valid to all window's users ?

No, it is only valid for one user of one windows. Because, windows requires administrator authority when register to all user, which makes you can't use SAL if you don't have an administrator authority.

Is the SAL01's authorization code valid for all version'SAL ?

It is valid for all version of SAL1.XX.

Technical Questions

(long (delay, (sendmidi, (index, From, End and so on causes error

SAL is diffrent from CAL. A function that isn't described in the reference can't be used.

I can't subsitute following value to 'm'.
 (int n 4)
 (int m 0)
 (= m (++ n))

(++ and (-- are subsitute function and the return value is undefined. Please fix like following.

 (int n 4)
 (= m (+ n 1))

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