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SAL (Sekaiju Application Language)

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What is SAL?

What is SAL?

SAL (Sekaiju Application Language) is an external extension program of MIDI sequencer / editor software "Sekaiju". SAL enables you to make and execute user-defined editing feature by writing a script by using text editor such as notepad. SAL can be executed by selecting SAL file from "Edit(E)"- "SAL(Sekaiju Application Language)..." menu of Sekaiju 5.1 or later. SAL is an interpreter script which is similar to LISP, easy to learn if you have an experience of some programming. If script doesn't stop while SAL running, you can stop it by pressing ESC key. If the result of executing SAL script isn't so good, you can undo it quickly by pressing Ctrl+Z.

An example usage of SAL

For detail, please see exsample's page.

A difference SAL and CAL

SAL is similar to Cakewalk's CAL (Cakewalk Application Language). Each caluclation and command such as do, if, while, switch, forEachEvent, insert, delete can be used like CAL. But Cakewalk's specific command can't be used. Instead, SAL allows you to edit all kind of event's all value just like Sekaiju allows you to edit all kind of event's all value.

Please note SAL is paid program

To avoid leaving away like CAL, and to keep good condition in the future, SAL is distributed as a paid program. The price is ¥500JPY (about $4.50USD or €3.68EUR at 2018/01). You can pay via paypal. You can try SAL for 30 days before paying for free. If you want to use after 31days or later, please buy authorization code.

Please note SAL is not open source

SAL is made by remaking RPG scenario execution engine which I've ever released. For enabling to release RPG (and so on) which isn't open source in the future, please note that I have no plan to let SAL open source.

Content of SAL

SAL is released as a zip file. It contains some dll files and some exsample sal files. You only have to put them Sekaiju's folder, then you'll able to use "Edit(E)" - "SAL (Sekaiju Application Language)..." menu.

SAL doesn't include text editor. Please use your text editor such as notepad if you edit SAL script.

SAL's license

SAL is a proprietary program. You need purchse one authorization code for each windows's one user. You aren't allowed to copy or redistribute SAL except purpose of backup. Since SAL offers trial version, Refunds after purchase can not be made. This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. The author does not assume any responsibility.

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